True story about Cialis

For Men — January 16, 2009

I was a little hesitant at first, not really knowing what was up with buying meds online. Let me give you some background info first. I am 44 years old and in a relationship. I sometimes find that I’m not as hard as I would like to be, I mean I get really hard most of the time, but then sometimes it seems to go soft when, especially, giving the other person attention (and concentrating too much perhaps on their pleasure). I never considered myself as having a problem because I do get a good erection, but it just doesn’t seem to last as long as I want. I guess sometimes I get so horny at first that maybe I burn myself out when it really counts. That’s when I decided to try one of the new ED drugs I’ve been hearing about.

So, I decided to try Cialis (10/20mg), just because it lasts for three days and it seemed, as me a bargin person, to be the best deal. I ordered from and did the Cialis 10/20mg and got the cheaper shipping for $6.99 or whatever. In the mean time, I went to Walmart and got a pill splitter, regardless of what they tell you that you can’t split Cialis, you can.